Magus is a company that believes in this philosophy of discovering the unlimited potential of land in India and delivering it as significant dierence to communities and stakeholders. Welcome to Magus, a destination where your journey of a promising future begins.

Shaping Concept to Complete a Vision

The word ‘MAGUS’ signifies the ‘genius’ streak in each Magus-ian. Our people is our strength. Team-work is a practice in Magus. Transparent, accountable & delivery-oriented process is our might. Our culture of innovation makes us complete. Being ever-evolving is an ingrained habit. Our business values are based on vibrant conceptualization, vital expertise, visible execution and value-added deliverables. Interests of our clients are core to us. We believe in delivering original solutions. Ensuring the well-being of all magusians and associates by providing a secure, rewarding career with excellent growth prospects in a positive fun-filled caring environment is our continuous endeavour.

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Factory Setup Solutions

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Fulfillment center & Logistics Solutions.

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Project Development Solutions

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Smart City Solutions

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Our journey so far…


Spearheaded by Mr. Mayur Suchak, Magus Consulting is a leading holistic solution provider that deals across 6 industrial, micro-infrastructure and realty sectors. For more than a decade, the company has been partnering with leading enterprises to oer Concept-to-Completion (C2C) services with innovative solutions that are designed to execute a project’s entire lifecycle. The multi-faceted entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in taxation, real estate, land, property, projects, business and strategic consultancy brings his unique vision into every project undertaken. The group has played a pivotal role in the development of many ground-breaking projects across various sectors including manufacturing & industrial, retail & commercial, warehousing & logistics, agricultural & real estate, amusement, and leisure & tourism. Driven by a broad vision, the group aims to keep on the legacy of oering exceptional services that was started with the formation of taxation consulting firm by Shri Ratilal Suchak in 1954. The goodwill garnered over the last 5 decades and the diverse […]

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